Mina’s Pearl Collar – A Dachshund Poem

Mina The Dacshund And Her New Pearl Dog Collar

There was once a darling little Doxie girl, who was given a collar made of pearls.
So proud was she, that she had gotten this sweet little gift from her Aunt Gabby.

Mina was so excited that she danced and pranced around with glee.
She thought this is perfect, I look just like a 5th Avenue doggy!

She then quickly ran over to her mom and barked at her to take some pictures,
capturing the moment of her renewed canine allure.

Pictures now done, but not yet all of the fun.
Mina jumped on her computer and blogged away.
Then sent some tweets to her peeps to parade her little gem of the day.

Love & Licks,
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Mina The Dachshund With New Pearl Dog Collar


Mina The Dachshund Close Up Of New Pearl Collar


Mina The Dachshund New Pearl Necklace Close Up