Mina and Max had a ‘ruff’ start in life. They were once owned by a backyard breeder – BLEH! Luckily, the Sacramento SPCA came to their rescue and took them away along with several other dachshunds. Soon after Mina and Max found themselves placed in a home with a lovely woman who specialized in rescuing dachshunds. She was so fond of all of her little ‘doxie’ babies, that she let all 18 of them sleep in her bed. Luckily, she had a huge bed so accommodating them was fun. A few months later, I got to meet them. I fell instantly in love. After filling out the paper work and writing a donation check, we put them into their kennel and took them home. That was on April 15th of 2005. It’s now what I call my “Gotcha Day!” Since I don’t know when their exact birthdays’ are, I’ve chosen to celebrate this day to be their birthday and the day they “birthed” themselves into my heart and home.

Not long after I found myself making regular vet visits. Max had an open wound on his left side and an abscessed tooth. Both refused to heal on their own until the vet cleaned and pulled his teeth. About a month later Mina suffered a severe spinal disk injury. I found her crying and unable to use her back legs. I raced her to the vet and found that the disk slip was so severe that she was operated on the next day. Luckily, she quickly recovered and soon after was bouncing about normally again. She even wrestled with Max here and there.

Now that Mina and Max are living the good life, I thought it best to create a little something for them, where they can let some steam off and blog about their lives, shoot video footage of each other and pose for my dachshund cartoons. ‘The Funny bone’, found in Pupculture Magazine, is based on them. Mina and Max are a pair of classically willful, silly, stubborn, loyal and best of all…loving dachshunds. I’m so blessed to have them in my life and can’t imagine it without them.  They are my little diamonds wrapped in fur. I love you Mina and Max.