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Laundry Day – A Guilty Pleasure

Hi there! Mina here. While my mom does not consider her laundry day to be a pleasure, she still seems to get a kick out of us when we secretly ‘snake’ our way into her clean laundry basket. Heck, there were even a few times when we were so stealth…

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Grandma’s Visit

Gramma came to visit us yesterday. We were so happy to see her that Mina and I did our happy dance. I then jumped on the couch and hoped right in her lap. Mina just sat and watched. We cuddled for a bit. Then as Gramma started to unpack I…

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Behold…My Butt!

This is Max here writing today’s entry. Every one else is quietly sleeping so I thought that I would sneak on here and write to you all! Just found this pic of my little tushy taken some time ago. I just had to post it here. You see I always…

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