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mina and max chilling

Woof Wednesday

Why hello there. Whew! It’s sure been a long time since we last hijacked our mom’s computer and wrote to you. So, please forgive us! It’s been one heck of a year around here with lots of new changes and adventures for Max and I. But, this time we promise…

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12 Dogs of Christmas Illustration

Max here, writing today’s entry. Mina and I just found this ‘furbulous’ infographic via pet365’s blog. Look, see those dachshunds in there? There’s twelve of them. Love it! Wanna lick it! We ran over and told mom so she could look at it too. Then we wanted to see it…

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A Doxies Delight For Pet Frenzied Americans

Hiya! Mina here, writing in today’s blog. Max is busy licking himself right now. Sooo…check out this awesome infographic by Frugal Dad. It’s not so much how HOW much you spend on pets, but how much you CARE about them. We also just found out via this infographic, that Rin Tin…

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