PawPal Time! Goodies from Puppy Bites

Pet PawPal for Mina and Max Dachshunds

Hi there! Max here writing today’s blog post. We are sooooo excited! Mina and I got to join a cool group dog pen pals called PawPals! Like pen pals it rocks, but better becuase it means that all of us gets to exchange monthly gifts. I know, fun huh? This month our fabulous PawPal is Puppy Bites, owned by Angel (a cute Maltese/Shihtzu mix), and her ‘human’ mommy and daddy Susan and George. Susan and Angel make the most wonderful and delicious dog treats. They are truly all natural dog treats that are wheat, corn and soy free…but NOT taste free.

PawPal Friend - Darling Angel

Our New Darling PawPal - Angel. <3

As you can see, we got ultra spoiled from our PawPal, becuase we got tons of different flavors. They smelled so delicious that we almost took out our mom out, when trying to help un-package our gift. It couldn’t be helped…we were overwhelmed, plus she was just taking too long to open it.

Max WIth PawPal Treats

Max: Mine!

Max and Mina With PawPal Treats

Mina & Max - Their Happy Dance

Max and Mina Begging For Their Pawpal Treat - Yum!

Max: "I'm sitting For Myyyy Treat!" / Mina: "Pretty Please?"


Again, the treats were so so yummy! Oh and hey – here is a pic showing what we gave our PawPal. Check out the label. Pretty nifty eh? Well, you’re in luck because you can download it for free from our mom’s blog right here. We hired her to help us create this cool treat label set by promising not to pee on her carpet anytime soon. Tee hee hee!

Free Pet Treat Label Set For Download

Love & Licks,
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  1. susanswier says:

    Just so ya know I’m a girl (angel)!!! Notice the pink tye dye blanket I’m laying on…lol

    • Mina & Max says:

      Oh no! We are so sorry little Angel. We’ve corrected it now. Hee hee! Thanks for letting us know, if we could blush…we would be doing so right now. 😉

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