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One Sleepy Day – Woof Wednesday

Hi there! Max here writing today’s post. Well, a lot of really neat things have happened for us this past year. The biggest was that Mina and I, got to move to a new place. Yep! We got to move into a new place where we have a huge doxie…

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New Friends

Hiya! Mina here. Sorry to only be posting here after some time has passed. You see, we have been two busy doxies. None the less, with Fall here we will be back on a regular basis with more fun blog posts, freebies and contests! I am so excited to be…

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Pet PawPal for Mina and Max Dachshunds

PawPal Time! Goodies from Puppy Bites

Hi there! Max here writing today’s blog post. We are sooooo excited! Mina and I got to join a cool group dog pen pals called PawPals! Like pen pals it rocks, but better becuase it means that all of us gets to exchange monthly gifts. I know, fun huh? This…

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Mina The Dacshund And Her New Pearl Dog Collar

Mina’s Pearl Collar – A Dachshund Poem

There was once a darling little Doxie girl, who was given a collar made of pearls. So proud was she, that she had gotten this sweet little gift from her Aunt Gabby. Mina was so excited that she danced and pranced around with glee. She thought this is perfect, I…

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New Dog Tags For Mina & Max

Hiya! Mina here. Mom gave me permission to write to you today about our sweet new dog tags! Yep, that’s right…we got a new dog tags to strut around in. It’s a medical styled dog tag, that in one or two words speaks to the dog’s particular medial need or…

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Ode To Mr. Chewy – Pet Product Review

Howdy! Max and I wanted to write today’s blog post about Mr. Chewy; an online pet food retailer offering quality brands and subscription based ordering for hassle free delivery. You see a couple of weeks ago Mr. Chewy offered us a special $50 promotional code to use on their website…

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Dessert Time for Mina and Max

Howdy there! Max here writing today’s post. Our apologies for not blogging sooner. Things have been extra crazy around here and we’re busy getting ready to launch a new surprise for all of our loyal followers soon. YAY! Now I have to let you on a little secret. My life…

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The Lover – Dachshund Cartoon

Howdy! Max here. Guess what? I have a brand new dachshund comic here to share with you all, starring Moi! Oh yes, my darling Mina get to make a cameo here. I hope you like it and please consider your self warned, becuase if any of you ‘ladies’ ever come…

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Mina & The Puppy Bowl

Hiya everyone! Mina here. So, this fun n’ fido footage was taken a good few years ago. As you can see my mom caught me watching Animal Planet’s – The Puppy Bowl. It was so fun watching all of those cute puppies playing football. Max was napping at the time,…

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12 Dogs of Christmas Illustration

Max here, writing today’s entry. Mina and I just found this ‘furbulous’ infographic via pet365’s blog. Look, see those dachshunds in there? There’s twelve of them. Love it! Wanna lick it! We ran over and told mom so she could look at it too. Then we wanted to see it…

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