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do it yourself dog pet bed

DIY Dachshund Pet Bed

Hiya! Max, writing today’s post. Mina let me write again today – wahoo! I have a confession to make. I have stolen today’s post from our own mom. That’s right! After reading what she wrote via her sniff design blog, I just knew that I had to share it with…

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Pet PawPal for Mina and Max Dachshunds

PawPal Time! Goodies from Puppy Bites

Hi there! Max here writing today’s blog post. We are sooooo excited! Mina and I got to join a cool group dog pen pals called PawPals! Like pen pals it rocks, but better becuase it means that all of us gets to exchange monthly gifts. I know, fun huh? This…

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Free Mutt Maker Online Game – Grrrrrreat!

    Mina and I just LOVE this new online game called the Mutt Maker by Animal Planet. Have you ever wanted to create you own ultra cool and custom dog breed? Well, you can do it here just like we did and viola! A new breed is born. As…

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free canine holiday gift tag download from Mina and Max

Free Holiday Gift Tag Set

Hi! This is Mina here. I’m excited to write in and let you know that Max and I have been in the holiday spirit so much that we got together over this past weekend and have created another little free treat ‘fur’ all of our friends. Tada! It’s two sets…

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Free Wiener Winter Wonderland Wallpaper

Howdy! Max here. Mina wanted to write today’s blog but I won the wrestling contest we just had in getting to the computer. Heh heh. Anyhoooo, here’s a little early Christmas present for all of our blog fans and twitter peeps – a dachshund desktop wallpaper, starring none other than…moi!…

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The Threat of Holiday Antlers

Mina here: Tomorrow Max and I are going to have a little fun freebie surprise. So, stay tuned! YAY! Speaking of those who are trying to surprise; we just overheard our mom talking about buying us some reindeer antlers. As if that were not humiliating enough she wants to then…

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