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Battle For The Treat, A Doxie Is Hard To Beat

Hi there! Mina writing today’s blog. Max and I just saw this totally awesome movie about a little hero dachshund, who gets it. It makes perfect sense after all simply because we are so smart. And even though we’re low to the ground, we can use it for our advantage…

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Mina & The Puppy Bowl

Hiya everyone! Mina here. So, this fun n’ fido footage was taken a good few years ago. As you can see my mom caught me watching Animal Planet’s – The Puppy Bowl. It was so fun watching all of those cute puppies playing football. Max was napping at the time,…

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Dogs in Cars – A Sweet Ride

OMGosh! We just found an awesome video short on dogs who can fly like us. We love to do the same thing that these following dogs here get to do in here via this ‘fido footage’. It’s so fun going for rides. It’s pure AWESOMNESS! Dogs in Cars from keith…

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